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It was the day before Freshman year and Andrew came to us and said "I'd like to play golf for Palatine".  Tryouts had already happened the week prior. Andrew had only played golf a handful of times and hadn't practiced much over that summer.  We found out that Andrews's homeroom teacher was the Varsity Golf Coach.  On the second day of Freshman year, Andrew approached Coach Johnson about being on the team.  Coach asked him to come to a couple of practices and then we will let you know.  That is what Andrew did and he made the team a few days later.  We can say Andrew's passion for golf grew more and more each day. That following summer Andrew became a caddy at Inverness Golf Club.  He learned so much while he was caddying and that only helped perfect his golf game even more.  

Andrew Golf.jpg

What a sweet moment to watch when Andrew opened his new golf clubs.  He was super happy and took very good care of his clubs.


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