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Andrews's hockey career started at age 4 with hockey tots, to skating into Renegades at age 5 - 14 and finally Chiefs Hockey age 15-16.  He was incredibly proud to be a Chiefs hockey player.  He was the epitome of a team player, always had his teammate's backs on the ice and off.  He would bring music to the locker room to pump up the team and worked his butt off on the ice for a win.  When Andrew was confronted with a verbal opponent he always chose to ignore it.  If it got out of hand nothing a clean check can't handle.  Andrew loved playing hockey, wearing the Chiefs logo, and the all-out hype of a game.  He took his hockey knowledge from the past 12 years and brought that to his referee job for IHOA.  We will forever remember "66"

hockey 5.png

Andrew was the Referee for Zach at a hockey game at the United Center in 2019.  Z was given a penalty shot. Brotherly Love!

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