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Water Polo

NWC Junior Olympics Water Polo 2.png

It was January of Freshman year and Andrew was in a swimming class for gym. He came home one day and said he was approached by Coach John to try out for water polo.  We were excited for him.  This was a new sport and sounded like a great opportunity. 

Andrew mentioned he was doing tennis with the golf team. We talked to him about going to a couple of open swims first to try water polo out .  He agreed and the rest is history.  

Andrew instantly loved it.  So much so that he continued water polo through the summer, even going as far as trying out for the Junior Olympics. I picked him up after the try outs, asked him how it went.  His response was, " I am the slowest guy out there". He was also the youngest guy out there and he made  it onto the JV team. 


That summer he headed out to Indiana for qualifiers and then to California. He had  the best experience ever.  It was hard work and he knew he had a lot to learn, but he continued to persevere.   He came home ready to go back the next year with more strength and knowledge of the game.


His Sophomore year he continued to train throughout the winter, stopped drinking pop and coffee, and eating healthier, and regularly worked out above and beyond all the other physical work of  hockey and driving range for golf he was doing.  By the time water polo came around Andrew was in phenomenal shape. 


We are so grateful he got to play 1 game in 2020.  This game showed his teammates and coaches the power he had.  He dominated the game with 8 goals and 3 assists.  His freshman season he scored 8 goals the entire season so you can understand with Andrew scoring 8 goals in one game the difference a year can make.


You could see the excitement on his face when he got out of the pool.  It was a proud moment for all of us and we will never forget it.  It just goes to show how hard work, drive, and passion can take you so much farther than one could imagine.

In 2022 it was announced the Andrew would be one of the Palatine High Schools selected Mid-Suburban League All Conference Athletes.  What was even more awesome is they surprised Andrew's  coach when it was time for the meeting to choose the recipients by telling him they have all picked Andrew as a recipient when the meeting started.  It was a great feeling to us that he was honored by so many and his legacy will live on.


Andrews March 2020 game. 8 Goals  3 assists-Penalty shot here.  Sorry for the screen flips but you can still see it!

polo smile.jpg

Andrew  in Spring  2019   #7 (expand screen to see it bigger)

Just Listen-Volume  up!

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