In honor of Andrew Douglas Marton

An extremely hardworking young man

Andrew Marton

Andrew was a four-sport athlete and a straight-A student. Andrew competed in hockey, golf, water polo, and swimming. Andrew refereed hockey, caddied golf, mowed lawns, and shoveled snow to save up for his first car, which he purchased eleven days after he got his license. Andrew was unconditionally loyal to his friends and family, and perhaps most importantly he was the best big brother to Zach. 

Andrew donated  5 organs

and  saved 4 lives

The decision to become an organ and tissue donor offers a precious gift to others: the hope for a new life. Gift of Hope works hard to fulfill their work & mission to remind people that the gift of donation makes hope possible for the thousands of people waiting for a lifesaving organ and life-enhancing tissue transplants.


Number of men, women, and children on the national transplant waiting list as of September 2020


Transplants were performed in 2019

750,000 transplants

Have taken place since 1988

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