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Included School Districts:

Thank you for your interest in an AndrewStrong Scholarship.
These scholarships are available to a 2023 high school graduate or a 2021 or 2022 high school graduate transferring from a junior college to a university.

The Foundation is offering three types of scholarships. 
You may apply for one or all three scholarships with one complete application.

All applications are due by April 23, 2023. Please email a scanned copy to If your letters of recommendation and transcripts are being emailed separately please have applicants name in subject line.
You will receive a confirmation email once we receive it. If you do not receive an email please email us again or call 847-269-6029.


Included School Districts:

2021 Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Recipients

A-Z Dorm Room Essentials Scholarship: $2,000

This scholarship will help supply you with the best dorm room essentials possible. Bedding, blankets, lamp, bathroom caddy, blankets, accepted wall decor, laundry basket. Included in the $2000 can be a mini fridge, microwave and or laptop.  Some colleges have restrictions on mini fridges and microwaves.

This will be a reimbursement style scholarship. You will receive a check for $2000 once you have purchased your dorm room essentials and sent copied receipts as documentation.
*We will need a documented picture of all the items in the dorm room. 

Travel Scholarship: $1,500

Zach created this 3rd Scholarship on his own, and I think it’s a huge testimony to Zach's character and knowing what’s important in life.

This Scholarship will be for students going to an out of state school where cost of coming home to see family can get expensive. The AndrewStrong Foundation will cover all airfare/ train/ bus/ rental car fees for trips home on thanksgiving/ winter break/ or just a need to see mom and dad up to $1500.00. This will be a reimbursement style scholarship. 

The recipient will also receive an AndrewStrong care package during their second semester valuing $250.00. 

Tuition Scholarship: $2,000

The recipient of the tuition scholarship will receive $2000.00 that will be sent directly to the college that you are attending in the fall of 2023.

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